Finca La Cumbre is a specialty, strictly-high-grown (SHG), and shade-grown coffee plantation in the highlands of northern Nicaragua.  We grow the absolute best coffee in the world; we are continuing to rehabilitate our plantation and re-invigorate land which has been abandoned and overgrown.  Along with coffee, we grow chaya (chayote), malanga, maiz (corn), beans, and several specialty crops for export. 

Our farm uses the best of the old and the new, is completely designed for sustainability, and all profits are retained for further development.

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About Coffee
Coffee is a drink made from the roasted seeds (coffee beans). It is originally native to Ethiopia, but popular all around the world due to its stimulating effect. 
About Finca La Cumbre 
Fnca La Cumbre is an example of how free enterprise enriches everyone's life.  It operates on free-market principles, which result in good jobs, a good work environment, and advancement of our fellow humans.  Our workers are among the best-paid in Nicaragua, because we follow age-old principles of mutual interest.
The History of Coffee in Nicaragua
The history of coffee is interesting! Learn more about it in this sample article.